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Payletter Integration


Payletter provides overseas payment services to businesses that do not own overseas corporations. Secure overseas customers through Payletter.

This integration supports Overseas Payment Service only.

Supported Countries#

  • Global 🌏

Available Payment Methods#

Payletter currently supports USD($) & JPY(¥) currency.

Payment TypePayment Method KeyIntegration StatusRefund SupportedSandbox Availability

Miscellaneous Details#

  • Name is a required field
  • Email is a required field
  • Can only test unauthorized credit card mode in sandbox mode
  • This integration also supports recurring payment for a customer, for more details please connect with PortOne support team



Api Keycdcfc9d37e47ae13a43ab8411858b396
Store Idportone_test

Test cards data#

As mentioned earlier only unauthorized credit card mode is available in sandbox mode.

  1. Please enter credit card number like below.
    • Visa: Random number starting with 4
    • Master: Random number starting with 51
    • JCB: Random number starting with 35
    • Amex: Random number starting with 34
  2. Please enter any future Expiry date and CVV number randomly.

Use following values in embedded JS code to pay via Payletter channel#

"pmt_channel": "PAYLETTER",
"pmt_method": { Any of above given payment method keys },

Reference links#