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SHOPEEPAY Integration


ShopeePay is the top local eWallet in Vietnam. Follow this guide to integrate and offer ShopeePay payment acceptance on your mobile app or website.

Supported Countries#

  • Vietnam 🇻🇳

Available Payment Methods#

ShopeePay PG only supports VND(₫) currency.

Payment TypePayment Method KeyStatus

Miscellaneous Details#

  • Refunds can be initialized from the merchant portal, for refund status please check the ShopeePay Dashboard

  • Webhook Settings : Copy the Webhook URL provided in the PortOne Admin Dashboard & share it with ShopeePay team to configure the Webhook URL for your account



clientId_Mobile~provided by ShopeePay
secretKey_Mobile~provided by ShopeePay
clientId_Desktop~provided by ShopeePay
secretKey_Desktop~provided by ShopeePay
merchantExtId~provided by ShopeePay
storeExtId~provided by ShopeePay

Please get UAT account details from ShopeePay team ShopeePay Sandbox Dashboard

Test data#

Get the sample App and test account details from ShopeePay

Use following values in embedded JS code to pay via ShopeePay channel#

"pmt_channel": "SHOPEEPAY",
"pmt_method": { Any of above given payment method keys },

Reference links#

  • Get in touch with ShopeePay team for integration documentation