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Go-Live Checklist

Please refer following Integration checklist before GO-Live on production:

  • PortOne Onboarding
    • Create a PortOne account at admin.portone.cloud.
    • Select Sandbox Mode to initiate Sandbox integration and testing.
    • Follow below steps common for Sandbox and Live integrations.
  • Configure Payment channels
    • Register merchant account on required payment channels
    • Add the payment channel credentials in PortOne merchant portal.
    • Configure webhooks
      • Configure webhook URL provided by PortOne in the Payment Channel portal.
      • Refer Payment Channel integration guidelines for more details.
      • In case of manual configuration, Please request the PSP support team to configure for you.
  • Configure Webhooks
    • Host a webhook endpoints and add URL in the PortOne merchant portal.
    • Highly recommended adding webhooks to receive the transaction statuses. Refer "Adding Webhooks" for more details.
  • Web-SDK (PortOne-JS) Integration
    • Enable/ Disable the payment methods for the configured payment channels.
    • Mark the payment methods as Default for the Credit Cards and ATM Cards options, Review the Checkout UI Preview inside Merchant Portal.
    • Refer "JS Integration" for more details.
  • Native-SDK Integration
    • Ensure the environment is correctly specified as prod while initializing the SDK before releasing the App
    • Check the secret key handling is done properly in order to access all SDK functionalities
    • Test all the functionalities before releasing the App
    • Check the correct version of the SDK is being used as per the requirement
  • Live integration
    • Move to Live mode and repeat all configuration as above with live account.