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MPGS Integration

Mastercard payment gateway services provides multiple payment solutions, we have integrated with MPGS on Hosted Session payment solution, where the sensitive payment details from the payer in payment form fields are sourced from and controlled by MasterCard Payment Gateway. MPGS provides support for Credit and Debit Card (Visa/Master/JCB) payment options. Follow this guide to integrate MPGS acceptance on your mobile app or website.

Available payment methods#

  1. Credit/Debit Cards (Visa, Mastercard, JCB)

Please use following values as Payment_Method_Key while initiating payment via MPGS in embedded JS code as mentioned below

"pmt_channel": "MASTERCARD",
"pmt_method": "MASTERCARD_CARD",

Testing Data#

Test Merchant Admin Credentials#

MPGS merchant console


Test cards data#

TypeCard numberNameValid throughCVVStatus
Mastercard5111111111111118NGUYEN VAN A01/39100Success
Mastercard5123450000000008NGUYEN VAN A01/39100Success
Mastercard2223000000000023NGUYEN VAN A05/22102Failed
Visa4508750015741019NGUYEN VAN A05/21100Success
Visa4012000033330026NGUYEN VAN A05/21102Failed
JCB3528000000000007NGUYEN VAN A05/21100Success
JCB3528111100000001NGUYEN VAN A05/21102Failed

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