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Flutter SDK - PortOne's Checkout

  1. Open your app’s pubspec.yaml file and add the dependencies as following.

    path: "Path of the Flutter Package"
    url_launcher: ^6.0.18
    receive_sharing_intent: ^1.4.5
  2. Add the following Intent Filter to the Launcher Activity of your app which will be in your manifest file. In the data tag there are two parameters host and scheme whose values will be set according the redirection url.

    redirectionUrl= **portone://checkout**
    then the host will be **checkout** and the scheme will be **portone**
    android:scheme="portone" />
    <action android:name="android.intent.action.VIEW" />
    <category android:name="android.intent.category.DEFAULT" />
    <category android:name="android.intent.category.BROWSABLE" />
    android:scheme="$scheme" />
  3. Create an instance of PortOneImpl() to access the methods of PortOne Package with the appropriate environment.

    PortOne is providing two types of environment
    1. For Production:- "live"
    2. For testing:- "sandbox"
    final environment = "sandbox";
    late PortOneImpl portone = PortOneImpl(context, $environment);
    PortOne also provides the functionality of poviding payment link without processing the payment in SDK and for that one boolean flag (getOnlyPaymentLink) has to be true while creating an instance of PortOneImpl.
    late PortOneImpl portone = PortOneImpl(context, $environment, true);
  4. In the root stateful widgets implement two override method name initState() and dispose() then add the following code to receive Intent from other apps.

    // Create the following variables
    late StreamSubscription _intentData;
    String? paymentStatus;
    void initState() {
    _intentData = ReceiveSharingIntent.getTextStream().listen((String value) {
    setState(() {
    paymentStatus = value;
    void dispose() {
    • Add Listener to listen the payment status by callback to initState()
    portone.setPaymentStatusListener(callback: (Map<String, dynamic> paymentStatus) {
    print('PortOne_PaymentStatus-> $paymentStatus');
    • Add Listener to listen the payment link by the SDK
    portone.setPaymentLinkListener(callback: (String paymentLink) {
    print('PortOne_PaymentLink-> $paymentLink');
  1. Generate SignatureHash and JWT token.

    • Add the following packages to the pubspec.yaml. crypto: ^3.0.1 jaguar_jwt: ^3.0.0

    Signature Hash Generation:

    String getSignatureHash(String amount, String currency, String failureUrl,
    String orderId, String clientKey, String successUrl) {
    Map<String, String> params = {
    "amount": amount,
    "client_key": clientKey,
    "currency": currency,
    "failure_url": failureUrl,
    "merchant_order_id": orderId,
    "success_url": successUrl
    params.forEach((key, value) {
    var encodedValue = Uri.encodeComponent(value);
    if (message.isNotEmpty) {
    message = message + "&$key=$encodedValue";
    } else {
    message = message + "$key=$encodedValue";
    final keyBytes = const Utf8Encoder().convert(SECRET_KEY_Dev3);
    final dataBytes = const Utf8Encoder().convert(message);
    final hmacBytes = Hmac(sha256, keyBytes).convert(dataBytes).bytes;
    final hmacBase64 = base64Encode(hmacBytes);
    return hmacBase64;

    Payment Request | PortOne

    JWT Token Generation:

    String getJWTToken() {
    final claimSet = JwtClaim(
    issuedAt: DateTime.now(),
    expiry: DateTime.now().add(const Duration(seconds: 100)),
    issuer: "CHAIPAY",
    subject: CLIENT_KEY,
    otherClaims: <String, dynamic>{
    "typ": "JWT",
    "alg": "HS256",
    String token = issueJwtHS256(claimSet, SECRET_KEY);
    return token;

    Authentication | PortOne

  1. Create an instance of WebCheckoutRequest() , add the required order details in the instance and call a method named checkoutUsingWeb and pass the params.

    portone.checkoutUsingWeb(jwtToken, clientKey, webCheckoutRequest, portone);
  2. Things to be taken care while generating payload:

    1. Mandatory params in payload:

      promo_discount (0 is also acceptable)
      shipping_charges (0 is also acceptable)
    2. If items are provided then please verify the values provided should match the total amount: sum(items price * items quantity) + shipping charge - discount = amount

    3. Keep the mobile_redirect_url null if you are not processing checkout from SDK